Saturday, August 18, 2012

'Great Hanging' Bus Tour

This event has been CANCELED!!
**Please check out the follow-up announcement by the Clark family here**

As part of the two-day sesquicentennial commemoration of the Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas, a 4-hour bus tour is offered on Friday, Oct 12, 2012.

The tour bus will depart from the Gainesville Civic Center and visit four sites:
1. The Courthouse Square/Pecan Creek
2. Fairview Cemetery to visit the burial plots of 19 men who had influence during The Great Hanging
3. The Black Cemetery where Col. William C. Young is buried
4. Clark Cemetery where Nathanial M. Clark is buried

Those of us who had an ancestor who was hanged in the Great Hanging would like to know some of the following locations:
Where did the trials take place?
What was the route taken from the courtroom to the hanging tree?
Where is the location of the old warehouse that the bodies were thrown into?  
Where was the hanging tree was located or at least the general vicinity? 
And, the most nagging question of all will always be, "WHERE ARE THEY BURIED?"

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Anonymous said...

Another suggestion...In addition to a map showing the locations you suggested above, it would be nice if the organizers of the "Event" would make a map of Cooke County, showing known residential locations of those who died in the hangings. Many of us may want to drive to the area where our ancestors lived in 1862 just before they were hanged by the Confederates