Friday, May 30, 2008

Hanging of Union Men

The illustration above is from the Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 20 Feb 1864. Several smaller illustrations comprised a doublepage centerfold, about 22X16 in size and entitled "Rebel Barbarities in Texas." This illustration was in the center of the page and called, "Hanging of 30 Union Men," which depicted the Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas.

I was able to purchase a copy of the orginial 1864 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper through an antique dealer and placed a very high quality scan on To look at the full doublepage centerfold of the above 1864 newspaper illustration, go to  (   Personal and family use granted to all.  If you wish to use this photo or the one placed on to post online, on blogs or commercial sites such as, please use a text link back to this site or use the following wording placed nearby the information used:  Information and/or image courtesy of 

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Anonymous said...

Wow--thanks for sharing! Made copies for my family - our ancestor was hanged. The image you provide on fold3 is very high quality. God bless.