Friday, May 23, 2008

David Miller Leffel's Relationship to Other Hanging Victims

David Miller Leffel descendants are related or connected to five men who were victims of the hangings. Some of these relationships were formed after the Hangings took place. Thanks to a Leffel descendant for making us aware of these relationships.

1. DAVID MILLER LEFFEL (hanged). His wife, Susan Evaline West Leffel, wrote a very touching letter to the governor of Texas, telling about the effects of the hanging & its aftermath on her family.

2. RICHARD MARTIN (hanged) was a brother to Malinda Jane Martin. Malinda married James Perry Leffel, the son of DAVID MILLER LEFFEL. So David Leffel and Richard Martin were related through marriage -- Richard's sister and David's son. After Malinda died, James Perry Leffel married her mother (yes, the mother of Richard Martin), they later divorced. Then, James Perry Leffel married Richard's widowed sister-in-law, Laura Ann NEELY Martin.

3. WILLIAM BOYLES (shot) was a brother-in-law to DAVID MILLER LEFFEL. William's wife, Elizabeth West Boyles, was a sister to David's wife, Susan Evaline West Leffel. William is believed to have been shot in the back when he tried to run and later died from his wounds while hiding out in the timbers.

4. BARNIBUS BURCH (hanged) was the father of, Elizabeth Ann Burch NEELY, who was the step-mother of the above Laura Ann Neely Martin Leffel -- widowed sister-in-law to Richard Martin and third wife to James Perry Leffel.

5. David Leffel's son, CHARLES EDGAR LEFFEL, married Caldona Jane Box. Caldona's aunt, Elizabeth Matthews Box, was a first cousin to JOHN M. CRISP (hanged).

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