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Diamond's Account of the Trial of I. W. P. Lock

The State vs. I. W. P. Lock
Disloyality and Treason

I. H. Mounts sworn.
Witness: I was sworn into this society, by I. W. P. Lock. At the same time, he swore in P. Q. Russell, Wm. Anderson, George Anderson, John Tourly, and Richard Anderson.

E. F. Anderson sworn.
Witness: I know of a secret organization in this country. The prisoner, Wm Lock, told me it was to afford us protection when the Northern Army should come in. Mr. Lock gave me the signs, grip, and password. Lock told me that we were to get powder at Sherman. The design of the organization was the reconstruction of the old Constitution, and Union.

The Prisoner [Lock]: Jackson Mount swore me and I wore him into this organization. I introduced the password “Arizina,” and the signs, and grips of the order. Mount and myself were the first starters of this order. I have heard that there was an organization to break up both armies. I have heard since that it was the same as this; and that the signs and password would protect us when the Northern army come. Mount and myself took two oaths. We were to kill, or assist in killing, every man who should reveal wither the existence of the order or its plans and designs. I advised my men, (Lock had a company,) not to go to the war.

Dr Eli Thomas sworn.
Witness: In a conversation with the prisoner last night (in person) I made a clean breast of the whole matter. Lock said he had scruples about doing so himself, on account of the oaths he had taken in the order.

He was found guilty and hung.

George Washington Diamond's Account of the Great Hanging at Gainesville, 1862, ManuscripteEdited by Sam Acheson and Julie The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. LXVI, January, 1963, No. 3, pages 331-414.

Note: The “I” in I. W. P Lock is most likely a “J” that was a transcription error. The first witness is I. H. Mounts, who later in the trial is referred to as Jackson H. Mounts. So, it stands to reason that the “I” in Lock’s name is a misspelling also and should be “J. W. P. Lock.”   “J” and “I” are often transcribed wrong by inexperienced transcribers.

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