Monday, October 13, 2008

'Weeping Wives' Update

"Sadness and deep sorrow reigned supreme"

Many Thanks to those who left comments on the blog, and to for putting the Texas Death Certificates 1890-1976 online. (  hint: Death certificates can be a great place to find the maiden name of a mother.)

There are now several more spouses and maiden names added to our WEEPING WIVES list.
Below is a repeat of an earlier post with the additional information added.

Diamond refers to the Weeping Wives of the accused and also refers to the screaming women and children. Barret stated the following"while those (wives) who got news that the husband was to be hung, were following or before, weeping, while wailing and lamentations burst from their lips. In some houses, sadness and deep sorrow reigned supreme. None but those who experienced that dreadful night can fully realize the deep sorrow of loving and disconsolate hearts."

See "Why This Blog" post.

Below is the list of  those who died in the Hanging and their known spouses.
Please help us replace the question marks ??? with names.   There are far too many unknown spouses in the list! Corrections are welcomed!

Name of Victim, Name of Spouse(s)
1. C. F. > E. F. (Edward Frost) Anderson, Matilda Farris
2. George W. Anderson, ??
3. Richard J. Anderson, Lucinda ?
4. William B. Anderson, Lucinda Davis
5. Thomas O. Baker, ??
6. Bennet C. Barnes, Sarah A. Rodgers
7. Barnibus Burch, (1) May ?, (2)Mary McConnel
8. Samuel Carmichael, Anna ?
9. Ephraim Chiles, Margaret Kendrick
10. Henry Chiles, Dicy Kennedy
11. Nathaniel M. Clark, Mahuldah Hicklin
12. Henry Cockrum, Elizabeth Lackey Petell Jones
13. John Mansil Crisp, (1) Harriet Pittman, (2) Alixy Hawkins
14. Arphaxton R. Dawson, (1) Mary Horn, (2) Jane Caroline Stalcup
15. Rama Dye, (1) Sarah Jane Bradley, (2) Mary Ann Dawson
16. Hudson John Esman, (1) Rachel Meadows, (2) Mary Sullivant, (3) Elizabeth Crisp
17. Henry S. Field, (1) Jane Potter, (2) Mary Ann Bail
18. Thomas B. Floyd, Cloe Carter
19. James T. Foster, ??
20. Curd Goss, Mary Alexander
21. Edward D. Hampton, single
22. M. D. Harper, Eliza Dougherty
23. William W. Johnson, ??
24. C. A. Jones, ??
25. David Miller Leffel, Susan Evaline West
26. Leander W. P. Jacob Lock, Deannah ?, Evaline Dale
27. Abraham McNeese, Rebecca Price
28. Richard N. Martin, Cynthia Ann Neely
29. John M. Miller, Martha Jane Sandusky
30. John A. Morris, Marguerite ?
31. Wash Morris, Josephine Hornbuckle
32. M. Wesley Morris, Ann Carter
33. William W. Morris, Nancy ?
34. James A. Powers, Priscilla Barnett
35. William R. Rhodes, Amanda Lindsey
36. Alexander D. Scott, Mary Woolsey
37. Eli M. Scott, (1) Sarah Erwin, (2) Maria ?
38. Gilbert Smith, ??
39. William B. Taylor, Martha ?
40. Eli Sigler Thomas, Susan M. Hedenberg
41. James A. Ward, Nancy Muirheid
42. William Wilson Wornell, Elizabeth ?Wilkerson
43. William Boyles, Elizabeth T. West (Boyles not arrested but later shot & possibly died from wounds)
44. Hiram Kilborn, Delia Ann Knowles
William A. McCool (later hanged), Lydia Field
John M. Cottrell (later hanged), ??
A. N. Johnson (later hanged),  Armarylis Hawley

John Wiley, Eliza ?

**Updated Feb 2012


Anonymous said...

My g great grandmother was Martha Ann Morris daughter of Michael Wesley Morris and ANN Carter. We have found Martha Ann Morris and her husband Issac Bonivan Cook in Eleven Points,Randolph Co. Ark

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information on the wives. Sometimes women are forgotten. It was the wives, mothers, and daughters who had to suffer the consequences of the Gainesville hanging. We may never know all the hardship they had to endure. Appreciate your efforts in giving a "voice" to these women.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see an emphasis placed on the women who were affected by the hanging. Such a tragedy for all who were involved.