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M. D. Harper Update

We have received the following new information from a Harper descendant. Thanks for sharing this information!!

M. D. Harper's full name is Manadier D. Harper, as suggested in an earlier posting in this blog (May 2008).
Manadier D. Harper

"We are quite sure our Manadier is the same as the Manadier who was hanged. This due to census records, marriage and land records. My husband's direct line goes back thru Manadier's dau Elizabeth.

After the hanging, Manadier's wife Eliza and her children moved to Fulton Co IL and then Peoria, IL. She remained in Peoria until her death. We know nothing about Eliza's parentage yet, only that she had a possible brother James who resided in Peoria IL in 1844. Eliza was born ca 1829 and died Apr 30, 1886 in Peoria IL. She is buried at Springdale Cem in her dau Sarah's Harper Hitz' plot of graves. There is no stone. She never remarried and took in washings to earn money.

Eliza Dougherty Harper and Manadier Harper were married in Tazewell Co, IL on June 22, 1845. Manadier purchased several parcels of public domain land in Tazewell Co IL about 1836 and sold them about 1845 (when he probably moved to AR- 1850 census). His brother Isaac also bought and sold land about the same time period and moved to AR.

POSSIBLE PARENTS: From the 1850 census the prospective mother of Manadier is Elizabeth Harper who is living with Manadier. From the Tazewell County land records, there is a John M. Harper who purchased about the same time as Manadier and brother Isaac. John and Elizabeth Harper sold their land in 1839 to Manadier Harper. We presume John is a possible father to Manadier and Isaac.

Thomas George Harper (1848 - Apr 6, 1893) served in the Civil War from IL. He is buried in Springdale Cem, Peoria. Oftentimes in the Peoria City Directory, his name is listed as George. He lived with his mother most of his life in Peoria. We have found no marriages for him. He has a military tomstone.

Elizabeth Harper (Apr 3, 1851 - Dec 29, 1926) m. Sampson Bush at Fulton Co IL on Feb 9, 1867. After he was killed in an argument, she moved to Peoria IL and ultimately married Samuel Tincher. Elizabeth and Sampson had 3 children - William, Sarah, and Franklin. She had one son with Samuel Tincher - Samuel Tincher Jr. Elizabeth and her son Samuel were very poor are both buried at the County Farm (Poor Farm) Cem. Brothers Thomas, William and John lived with Elizabeth and Sampson at various times before Samson's death.

William L. Harper (ca 1853 - Apr 13, 1893) - buried at Springdale Cem, Peoria next to his sister Anna (no stone). We have not been able to prove any marriages for him as of yet. He lived with his mother or brother John most of the time in Peoria IL.

Sarah J. Harper (Feb 7, 1855 - Sep 30, 1914) - buried at Springdale Cem, Peoria. She married Oswald Joseph Hitz They had 5 children.

John C. Harper (May 1857 - Nov 4, 1920) - buried at Springdale Cem, Peoria (no stone). He married Jane/Effie/Alice . They had 5 children.

Anna Nancy Harper (Perlina) - ca 1860 - May 9, 1893) - buried at Springdale Cem, Peoria (no stone). She married Frank Rodaski on Apr 26, 1880 in Peoria. They had no children that we know of."

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Anonymous said...

I realize that this post is several years old, but I'm hoping that it will still allow me to contact you. I am looking for information regarding Isaac Harper (Manadier's brother). We descend from his son William. We were told growing up that our ancestor William's father was also named "William", but that it was likely a fictitious name...the rumor was that the elder "William" had moved from Mo to Ar to escape prosecution for killing a man and that he had likely changed his name. All of the information that we can find points to Isaac as being our elder "William". Do you know anything about Isaac? Why he moved? What happened? If so, please contact me at Thank you for your time.

Laura Parker